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With our unwavering determination since 2004, we continue to grow and improve with heart and soul.

Maysera has been continuously improving itself by focusing on the production of modern agricultural equipment, modern greenhouse systems, and modern fruit orchard systems since its establishment in 2004 in the iron-steel workshop. Maysera stands out with its compatible and systematic team that provides worldwide services by implementing turnkey greenhouse installation projects with state-of-the-art greenhouses such as the soilless tomato greenhouses, Gothic model modern greenhouse, and Venlo-type glass greenhouse.

The projects, which are guided by Mr. Aydin May, the manager in the production of equipment used in greenhouses and in the construction phase of greenhouses, achieve high-quality results. Maysera employees design and produce all necessary equipment for projects from the project stage to turnkey greenhouse installation and reach an annual greenhouse construction volume of approximately 200 hectares. Maysera specializes in the installation of Venlo-type glass greenhouses, Gothic model modern greenhouses, hydroponic flower greenhouses, soilless strawberry greenhouses, and soilless tomato greenhouses.

Maysera also produces farm equipment for modern gardens and animal farms and continues to establish turnkey gardens for apple, peach, cherry, pomegranate, olive, pear, and apricot fruits. In addition to the garden wire system equipment used in modern gardens, galvanized garden pole profiles, and parts are also produced by Maysera.

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We will always stand by our farmers, unwavering in our support.

You can always contact us for turnkey greenhouse installation services, greenhouse cost calculations, greenhouse prices, Venlo-type glass greenhouse installation, Gothic model modern greenhouse installation, soilless strawberry greenhouse installation, soilless tomato greenhouse installation, hydroponic greenery greenhouse, and simple farmer greenhouse installation. Our engineers will continue to provide remote and on-site support for operation, service, and production consultancy after the installation.