Gothic Model In-Ground Tomato Greenhouse Installation – 2023

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In-Ground Tomato Greenhouse Installation: A Comprehensive Guide

The use of greenhouses in tomato cultivation is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for ensuring optimum product quality and productivity during winter months. In this article, we aim to cover important topics related to the tomato greenhouse setups process, such as costs, producer selection, soil-based greenhouses, and greenhouse installation methods, to provide you with the knowledge you need for a successful greenhouse setup.

1. How to Set Up an In-Ground Tomato Greenhouse?

To set up a tomato greenhouse, follow the steps below:

  1. Site Selection: Choose a flat area with no water accumulation, close to sunlight, and water resources for your greenhouse.
  2. Greenhouse Type Selection: Choose a greenhouse type according to your needs and budget. For example, you can choose farmer greenhouses with a 3-meter gutter height, modern gothic greenhouses with a 5-meter gutter height, or full Venlo-type greenhouses with a 6-meter gutter height. Greenhouse tunnel widths can be 8 meters, 9.6 meters, 11.2 meters, and 12.8 meters. This means that each row of plants should have a 1.6-meter distance, and the total greenhouse tunnel width should be a multiple of 1.6 meters.
  3. Skeleton Structure and Materials: Select suitable materials for the greenhouse skeleton (e.g., black pipe and profile materials, galvanized profile materials, assembled galvanized greenhouse profile materials, hot-dip galvanized greenhouse arms and 275-gram galvanized coated greenhouse hoop pipes, greenhouse columns and trusses made of hot-dip galvanized iron, and an aluminum roof) and build the skeleton.
  4. Greenhouse Cover: Use materials such as glass, polycarbonate, or plastic greenhouse nylon for the greenhouse cover.
  5. Ventilation, Irrigation, and Heating Systems: Install appropriate ventilation, irrigation, and heating systems inside the greenhouse. To achieve productivity, your greenhouse must provide light, temperature, humidity, and the proper amount of nutrients for the plants. Once you meet all these conditions at the desired levels, you will see significant yields from your tomato greenhouse.
Tomato greenhouse costs, greenhouse producer selection, and soil-based greenhouses. Organic tomato cultivation in a soil-based greenhouse, organic tomato greenhouse, soil-based greenhouse
Tomato greenhouse costs, greenhouse producer selection, and soil-based greenhouses. Organic tomato cultivation in a soil-based greenhouse


2. Greenhouse Costs

The cost of setting up a tomato greenhouse varies depending on the type of greenhouse you choose, the materials used, and its size. Here are some cost factors:

  1. Greenhouse Construction Material (Greenhouse Skeleton): Skeleton material and labor costs.
  2. Greenhouse Cover: The cost of cover materials, such as glass, polycarbonate, or plastic greenhouse nylon.
  3. Greenhouse Systems: The cost of ventilation, climate control, humidification, heat and shading curtains, plant suspension, irrigation, and heating systems.
  4. Soil Preparation and Plant Nutrients: The cost of soil preparation, fertilizers, and plant nutrients.

3. Greenhouse Producers

Choosing a producer and supplier for greenhouse installation is crucial. Here are some factors to consider for a successful greenhouse setup:

  1. Experience: Choose experienced and reliable greenhouse producers in the industry.
  2. Material Quality: Opt for producers that provide quality greenhouse materials and workmanship.
  3. Customer Support: Choose producers that offer after-sales service and support. Also, it is essential that they provide training and assistance in assembly and maintenance matters.
  4. Warranty and Quality Certificates: Lean towards producers that guarantee their products’ quality and support them with certificates.
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4. Greenhouse Installation Cost

The cost of setting up a tomato greenhouse varies depending on the materials used, greenhouse size, technology, and labor expenses. On average, simple plastic-covered basic farmer greenhouses can be established at a cost range of $15-24 per square meter, while modern Gothic-style polycarbonate greenhouses can be set up within a price range of $45-95 per square meter. Venlo-type glass greenhouses entail higher costs, ranging from $120-230 per square meter. The price differences are subject to regional climate conditions and the amount of light available.

5. Grounded Greenhouse

Soil-based greenhouses are those in which plants are grown in natural soil, representing a traditional method with initially lower costs. The advantages and disadvantages of soil-based greenhouses are as follows:


  1. Utilizing natural soil, which is rich in nutrients and microorganisms for plants.
  2. Initial costs are relatively lower.
  3. Soil-based greenhouses are particularly suitable for organic farming.
    1. Dealing with diseases and pests in the soil can be more challenging.
    2. Soil usage may increase water and fertilizer requirements.
    3. Soil-based greenhouses may be less efficient compared to soilless ones.
    4. In soil-based greenhouses, it is impossible to measure how much of the provided nutrients the plant has consumed, as you cannot control drainage outlets.


Greenhouse utilization in tomato cultivation is an effective method, particularly for achieving high quality and productivity during the winter months. By considering factors such as greenhouse cost, greenhouse suppliers, installation expenses, soil-based greenhouse systems, and installation procedures, you can successfully and efficiently establish a greenhouse. This will allow you to enjoy fresh and flavorful tomatoes throughout the year.

Tomato greenhouse installation is a significant step towards a sustainable future. By promoting the consumption of local and fresh produce, you can contribute to the food industry and the environment. Supporting healthy nutrition for individuals and strengthening the local economy through agricultural entrepreneurship becomes possible with the establishment of a tomato greenhouse.

By using this guide, you can take the first step towards a successful greenhouse installation and make a difference in the field of tomato cultivation. Remember, a successful tomato greenhouse installation represents a beneficial investment for communities and the environment. As part of this investment, you can contribute to building a greener and healthier world for future generations. We are always ready to support you throughout the process and assist you with any inquiries related to tomato greenhouse installation. Feel free to contact us and together, we can achieve a high-quality, sustainable, and productive greenhouse installation.

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