Turnkey Hydroponic Strawberry Greenhouse Installation

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A comprehensive guide on Greenhouse Installation Cost and Hydroponic Strawberry Greenhouse Installation.

What is Hydroponic Strawberry Greenhouse?

The hydroponic strawberry greenhouse is a type of greenhouse that is realized with special nutrient solutions and hydroponic systems without using soil for strawberry cultivation. This increasingly popular method increases the sustainability of strawberry production while helping to optimize quality and yield.

What is Greenhouse and Why is it Important?

Greenhouse cultivation is the name given to the cultivation of plants in a controlled environment. Greenhouses allow plants to grow regardless of weather conditions, thus increasing productivity. When greenhouse farming is combined with soilless farming methods, it uses less water and fertilizer, causing less damage to the environment and contributing to the conservation of natural resources.

Hydroponic Strawberry Greenhouse Installation

The hydroponic strawberry greenhouse is the most widely used method for soilless strawberry cultivation. In this method, strawberries are fed with specially prepared nutrient solutions and take all the nutrients necessary for their development from these solutions. Hydroponic strawberry greenhouse installation requires an appropriately sized greenhouse, hydroponic system elements, heating and ventilation systems, irrigation equipment, and strawberry seedlings.

Hydroponic Strawberry Greenhouse Installation Cost and Greenhouse Prices

Hydroponic strawberry greenhouse installation cost varies depending on the quality of the equipment and materials to be used, the size of the greenhouse and the labor services to be performed. Greenhouse prices, on the other hand, vary according to building materials, features, and dimensions. Hydroponic strawberry greenhouse installation cost, on average, varies between 750 – 2000 TL for a 1 square meter greenhouse. The reason for the opening between the prices is due to the quality of the materials and equipment you will use in the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Materials and Greenhouse Cost

Greenhouse materials and greenhouse costs are important factors in the installation process. The materials used in greenhouse construction are:

  1. Greenhouse construction (greenhouse skeleton system): Black welded iron construction, Galvanized mounted disassembled system, gothic model modern greenhouse construction, and venlo type glass greenhouse construction.
  2. Greenhouse cover: Different materials such as polycarbonate, glass, or plastic greenhouse nylon can be used. Prices will vary according to the characteristics and quality of the material.
  3. Hydroponic system: Hydroponic NFT channels or Hydroponic Gutter System and cockpit, drip irrigation infrastructure, and drainage water sterilization system.
  4. Heating and ventilation: Equipment costs for heating boilers, air circulation fans, and roof ventilation systems must be taken into account.
  5. Irrigation system: Equipment and materials are required for drip irrigation systems or other irrigation methods.
  6. Curtain system: Rope curtain system or push-pull heat and shading curtain system.
  7. Humidification: High-pressure humidification system should be used in strawberry greenhouses. There are places that use a low-pressure humidification system to reduce costs, but this causes disease in plants and causes spots on the fruit.
  8. Strawberry seedlings: The cost of strawberry seedlings of different varieties affects the total cost.

Hydroponic Strawberry Greenhouse Operating Cost

Hydroponic strawberry greenhouse operating cost includes energy (heating, ventilation, and lighting), water, nutrient solutions, labor, and maintenance expenses. Operating costs may vary depending on greenhouse size, strawberry type, and growing method. In order to keep these costs low, the greenhouse area must be at least 5000 square meters, and if your greenhouse area is 5 acres or more, it increases the profitability of strawberry cultivation.

You should definitely review this article to examine the operating costs of acre-based strawberry greenhouses in more detail.

Advantages of Hydroponic Strawberry Greenhouse

The hydroponic strawberry greenhouse method offers many advantages over traditional soil strawberry cultivation:

  1. Water saving: Hydroponic systems consume 70-90% less water than soil agriculture.
  2. Efficiency: In hydroponic greenhouses, strawberries grow faster and yield higher.
  3. Quality: Strawberries are of higher quality in terms of taste, aroma, and appearance.
  4. Resistance to diseases and pests: It is easier to fight against soil-borne diseases and pests in a soilless environment.
  5. Less chemical use: The use of pesticides and fertilizers is reduced in strawberries grown using soilless methods.

As a result, hydroponic strawberry greenhouse setup and operation is an excellent method for sustainable and efficient strawberry cultivation. Costs may vary depending on the materials and equipment to be used, the size of the greenhouse, and labor services. Investors can realize more sustainable and profitable strawberry production by adopting the hydroponic strawberry greenhouse method, considering these costs and advantages.

Strawberry Greenhouse, Hydroponic Strawberry

Factors Affecting Investment Decision

Here are some important factors to consider when making an investment decision for the installation and operation of a hydroponic strawberry greenhouse:

  1. Market and demand: Strawberry demand in the local and regional markets can influence the investment decision and the size of the greenhouse.,
  2. Site selection: Climatic conditions, transportation opportunities and energy resources of the area where the greenhouse will be established are important.
  3. Technology and equipment selection: The hydroponic system and other equipment to be used are of great importance in terms of cost and efficiency.
  4. Training and consultancy services: Having the right technical knowledge and skills is essential for a successful hydroponic strawberry greenhouse business. It is possible to increase the efficiency and profitability of the enterprise by receiving training and consultancy services.
  5. Production volume: Your weekly harvest volume will determine your customer. In order to produce products at the export level, you must produce at least 4-6 pallets of products per harvest. Otherwise, it will not make sense for the exporter to direct a truck to your address and you will have to sell your product at lower prices through brokers in the domestic markets.

Tips for a Successful Hydroponic Strawberry Greenhouse Business

  1. Choose suitable types of strawberries: Different types of strawberries have different climatic conditions and care needs. Choosing the most suitable species for local conditions increases the chances of success.
  2. Install a good hydroponic system: Proper installation and regular maintenance of the system are important for efficiency and product quality.
  3. Use the right nutrient solutions: Nutrient solutions should be used to provide the nutrients needed by the strawberries.
  4. Control the greenhouse climate: Constant control of climatic factors such as temperature, humidity, and ventilation is critical for the healthy development of strawberries. Light, Humidity, Sufficient Nutrients, and Temperature = High efficiency and profitability. All of these have to be at the same time and regularly.
  5. Carry out continuous education and research: Having up-to-date knowledge and technology in hydroponic strawberry greenhouse management increases the chances of success.

The hydroponic strawberry greenhouse is a method that offers many advantages over traditional strawberry cultivation. It is possible to establish a successful and profitable business with good planning, selection of the right equipment and materials, technical knowledge, and skills. By adopting this method, investors can realize sustainable strawberry production that is less harmful to the environment.

The Future of Hydroponic Strawberry Greenhouse Methods

Hydroponic strawberry greenhouse methods are becoming more and more popular in the agricultural sector. Global problems such as climate change, limited water resources, and increasing population increase the importance of soilless farming methods. In this context, it is expected that soilless strawberry greenhouses will be used more widely in the future.

Technological advances will help further increase productivity and sustainability in hydroponic strawberry greenhouses. With new hydroponic systems, energy-saving heating, and ventilation technologies, and more effective nutrient solutions, soilless strawberry greenhouses will continue to be an important part of the agricultural sector in the future.

As a result, hydroponic strawberry greenhouse installation and operation is an excellent method for sustainable, efficient, and profitable strawberry production. Choosing the right equipment and materials, having technical knowledge and skills, and continuing education and research are essential to establishing a successful business. Hydroponic strawberry greenhouses are expected to be more widely adopted in the future and play a larger role in the agricultural sector.

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