Turnkey Hydroponic Tomato Greenhouse Installation

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Hydroponic Tomato Greenhouse Guide: Required Systems, Cost Calculations, and Greenhouse Prices

Tomato greenhouse cultivation is an increasingly popular method of hydroponic tomato growing today. In this method, tomato plants are grown in nutrient-rich water or another medium instead of traditional soil. This allows tomatoes to grow faster and be cultivated more efficiently.

Greenhouse Construction and Cover Material Selection play a crucial role in setting up a soilless tomato greenhouse. Greenhouse construction should be determined based on greenhouse size, intended use, and environmental factors. Materials such as polycarbonate or nylon can be preferred as greenhouse covers.

Plant Support Wires, Gutter System, and Ground Cover are other essential elements that help cultivate tomato plants efficiently. Plant support wires ensure proper growth and spread of the plants over a larger area. The gutter system allows for proper drainage of water. Ground cover is used in tomato greenhouse setups to prevent harmful diseases and weeds from the soil and to keep the greenhouse clean at all times.

Greenhouse Climate Control System is another important factor in the soilless tomato greenhouse setup. Factors such as temperature, humidity, and ventilation inside the greenhouse need to be controlled to ensure the healthy growth of tomato plants.

A high-Pressure Greenhouse Fogging System is another system used for humidity control in tomato greenhouse setups. This system helps maintain a consistent humidity level inside the greenhouse, ensuring the healthy growth of plants.

The greenhouse Heating and Cooling System is another system used for temperature control in tomato greenhouse setup. This system helps maintain a consistent temperature inside the greenhouse, ensuring the healthy growth of plants.

Greenhouse Shading and Thermal Screen is another system used for controlling sunlight in tomato greenhouse setup. This system allows for controlling temperature and humidity levels inside the greenhouse. The greenhouse shading and thermal screen are essential for providing optimal growth conditions for plants. Excessive sunlight can cause plants to burn, so the shading system is crucial for healthy plant growth.

Greenhouse Irrigation Automation and Fertilization System is another required system for a tomato greenhouse. This system automatically waters and fertilizes the plants, ensuring they receive the necessary water and nutrients in a timely manner and in the right amounts. This system is essential for soilless tomato greenhouses because plants are not grown in soil, so watering and fertilizing processes are carried out automatically instead of manually.

In conclusion, soilless tomato greenhouse cultivation is an ideal method for growing tomatoes in areas where it is not possible to cultivate plants in soil. The necessary systems for a soilless tomato greenhouse setup consist of many components, such as greenhouse construction, cover material selection, plant support wires, gutter system, ground cover, greenhouse climate control system, high-pressure greenhouse fogging system, greenhouse heating and cooling system, greenhouse shading and thermal screen, greenhouse irrigation automation and fertilization system, culture trolleys, and auxiliary equipment. Those who want to receive a detailed offer for a turnkey soilless tomato greenhouse project can contact our expert team.

How many tons of yield can be obtained from 1 decare of tomatoes?

When a tomato greenhouse is set up with sufficient light, adequate temperature, proper feeding, and an appropriate disease management system, in other words, providing the most ideal conditions for the plant, it is possible to obtain a yield of 55-60 tons and even up to 70 tons per decare. This equates to 550-600 tons or even 700 tons per hectare. Our production consultants are achieving these yields in many greenhouses. However, to achieve these yields, you need a well-equipped greenhouse that can provide the ideal climate conditions for the plant, depending on the region’s climate conditions.

Many investors are deprived of the highest possible yield by reducing greenhouse costs. For example, the region’s climate conditions are hot, and a greenhouse cooling system is needed to maintain the ideal climate in the greenhouse. Many investors do not purchase this cooling system due to the cost, resulting in a yield per decare of only 20-25 tons due to the heat. However, if they wisely purchase this system, it will pay for itself in one year.

Many investors are also buying fan pad greenhouse cooling systems without knowing that they are not effective in large-scale greenhouses in regions where the summer climate exceeds 33°C. They are unaware that the fan pad cooling system will not work or that the person selling the system promises that it will definitely cool their greenhouse. Uninformed investors invest in the fan pad system, which will not work. The ideal cooling system for hot regions is a fan coil cooling system. Inside fan coil fans, water circulates at 5°C – 7°C. To cool the water, a chiller cooling system should be installed according to the greenhouse’s capacity. We will share more detailed information on this topic soon.

Hydroponic Tomato Greenhouse
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